Wasabi is a rock band founded in Graz, Austria, in 2008. Inspired by the sounds of the Seventies and Ninetees, the five member band toured extensively in Austria over the last 10+ years. After their first EP "Wormgearbox" (2011), the full-length album "New Zealand Bird" (2012) was released. The subsequent EP "Subterranean Live Recordings" (2014) captures the energy due to the live recording. The latest album "Short Stories" (2018) includes new arrangements and sounds. In search for the exceptional, WASABI also focused on acoustic arrangements of their songs.

WASABI & FRIENDS is a group of WASABI members and friends who perform live in an exceptional setup. The band was founded 2019 with the objective of performing WASABI songs arranged for Ukulele at the Austrian Ukulele Festival in Graz, Austria.

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WASABI & FRIENDS premiered live at the 3rd Austrian Ukulele Festival (May 23 - May 26, 2019) in Graz, Austria.





U K U L E L E / G U I T A R



D R U M S / P E R C U S S I O N


G U I T A R / U K U L E L E



Rehearsal Insights


Ukulele Rehearsal Vol.3


Ukulele Rehearsal Vol.2


Ukulele Rehearsal Vol.1



Forever (live, September 2018)

From the album Short Stories
Recorded at the album release show, at TAMTAM, Graz, Austria, Sep. 22, 2018
Most video footage by Peter Holzer, some video footage by Georg Schauer and Sandra Brugger
Video material edited by Peter Holzer
Produced by Peter Holzer, 2018